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Just that he's been charged in connection with, or somesuch. Tit for tat limerick. Hopefully i can convince her to go to the police, Ive already contacted the website where they were posted at. Would you like to view this in our German edition? It was a close-knit community, the school I grew up in and often returned to — a place that until then had been full of only fond memories.

I imagine producing that stuff is a million times easier than actually finding people who would be willing to break the law. A picture of me naked. Can't speak to this particular case, but I know New Jersey and California both have specific revenge porn laws. He can be as trustworthy as possible, but his phone could still be hacked, could be stolen, or he could just leave it unlocked one time and his best friend or brother or someone goes through it and sends the photo to himself.

Sounds like it depends on state law. SasLinna September 30,8: Would you like to view this in our US edition? FlashForward 25 years and I find out he is showing them to his buds. Submit a new link. America's first next top model leaves little to the imagination in this casual nude selfie. Doesn't make much difference at the end of the day, I guess. Discreet milf lesbian. Got a News Tip? Unfortunately there are not a ton of resources on revenge porn if you're a victim and are trying to remove the pictures.

Love you so much!! Was it over the photos, or over the personal information, or something else? I love you honey, but you could hate me one day and that makes me very scared. Recently I had a guy messaging me and asking for pics.

Does anyone have any advice for someone who had their nudes posted online by somebody in another country? Switch to Australian edition? Please consider pursuing civil action as well, as another user said.

This same thing happened to me and the police didn't do jack shit about it. That's just a classless jerk move - and not everyone is a classless jerk. My older sister had to take care of me, reminding me to eat and holding me when I randomly burst into panicked tears. Does your state have laws on the books punishing those that post revenge porn? It all sounds a little crazy to me.

It's called chain of custodyapplied even more strictly to digital evidence. I'm trying to figure this one out myself. These kinds of letters can literally change the direction of a career, and it sounds like they deserve the thanks!

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To the people who are saying the sentence is too high, he probably won't get it. His comeuppance is just gravy.

Example, if I convince someone to beat you up or to get a crowd to riot, I can be held accountable to a degree for the actions. Feet domination lesbian. Raccoon eyes September 30,9: I didn't think this would get so popular. I think a few states have passed specific "revenge porn" laws, but they are generally misdemeanors, so I'd be very curious to know what he was charged with.

These women had basically been terrorized for long periods of time and were not able to find recourse yet, sadly. Also agree it is commonplace but maybe it is common amongst the same crowd who have really bad taste in everything temp guy at work asked me to recommend him for a new position 40 seconds after telling me all about his technique for the most flattering angles for dickpics.

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Um, I can think of a million reasons. I'm sorry this happened, and I'm glad that you were able to get practical assistance with it. Like you said, it really can seriously fuck with someone's life. Good luck to that guy getting a decent job, ever again.

My gf iis in Ukraine so I like getting new photos. A picture of me naked. It's like what he tried to do to the OP, he brought directly onto himself through his own actions. Free lesbian porn free. I went to the police for a restraining order, and mentioned the photos.

It's down now thankfully, but he will be feeling his crime for a long long time to come. Steven Send a private message. America's first next top model leaves little to the imagination in this casual nude selfie. Good on you for not taking their shit.

Or after the relationship. But he will have to report that he's a felon on every job application he fills out from now on, and any background check will reveal his criminal record. If the ex is the one with the pics, and the one that is distributing it. Just want to make sure that girls don't think, if they posed for their boyfriends and the men themselves took the picture, that they can be erased, because they can't - the photos are their property.

Such as waay back machine and Google itself. Guy Friday October 6,5: I say to obscure your face because you don't really know the integrity of these reverse image sites, even if they say they don't keep images from searches. Lesbians making love free videos. I was furious that they refused to help.

Thank you so much for this. Please, syn, have you been paying attention? If it ruined a career or a future?

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People still do it. Right now, I have 4 disgusting messages in my inbox, so it qualified. Porn tit slapping. Your images are already on several back up Internet sites. I heard about a local boy who committed suicide recently over something similar, he was conned online by someone pretending to be female. A picture of me naked. I just read an article about revenge porn in a magazine last month. I have no idea what happened afterwards. Ted danson nude I had this happen to me about 4 years back, ex wanted some revenge and posted some of my nudes onto 4chan with my address and phone number.

There is only one use for a nekkid pic of a woman. Sounds like it depends on state law. But my ex started sending me horrible, abusive text messages and emails, telling me he'd posted photos like these online I never looked into whether that was true or not, I was too scared.

Just that he's been charged in connection with, or somesuch. No tactless posts generalizing gender.

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